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Chinese Peaches Dressed With Lingerie Look Like Sexy Butts

August 1st, 2014 by Dovilas | No Comments | Filed in Design

Some fruit vendors in China have gone above and beyond the call of duty in an effort to sell their fruit by dressing their peaches in miniature panties and marketing them as sexy butt peaches (there’s a sentence I never thought I would have to write).

We’ve written about the advantages of creative product packaging, but these guys just took it to the next level. The sexy butt-shaped-peaches (which are suggestively being called “Ripe Fruit”) are being sold in anticipation of the romantic Qixi festival. A box of nine costs 498 yuan, or $80 USD.

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Chinese Peaches Dressed With Lingerie Look Like Sexy Butts originally appeared on Bored Panda on August 1, 2014.

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20 More Creative Product Packaging Examples

September 18th, 2012 by Lina | No Comments | Filed in Design

We are frequently taught not to judge a book by its cover, but in sales beauty is often skin deep. The first impression is created by the packaging of a product, and sometimes it’s all it takes for us to want it. Just think about it, how many times you bought some useless stuff just because it was packed nicely?

Originally packaging was meant to contain, protect and transport goods, but later the producers started to grasp the power of its visual appeal as well. Today, looks matter more than ever before and often push us into rushed decisions. How many of you could you resist these creative packaging examples we posted earlier?

So think twice before buying and read the labels carefully. Here are 20 more examples of dangerously great packaging ideas.

1. Gnome Bread Packaging

(Designer: Lo Siento Studio)

2. : Harder

“There are two worlds of bottom smacking, the world of BDSM and the world of ketchup bottles. The company, Dressing for Pleasure, a specialist in fetish wear and all things S&M related, married these two worlds by putting stickers of enticing rear ends on the bottoms of ketchup bottles. Thus inviting bar patrons to explore a completely different appetite while addressing their hunger.” (Advertising Agency: JWT, NY, USA)

3. Fit Buns High Protein: Bread

“We got into cooperation with bakery that supplies bread to neighborhood stores. Together we created FIT BUNS — a branded healthy buns with coupon for a free visit to fitness center inside the box. Results:2996 packs of buns sold the first month. 658 people came for a trial session, 217 purchased membership cards. That increased the number of fitness center clients by 25%. FIT BUNS sales generated 115% return on investments.” (Advertising Agency: MEX, Ukraine)

4. Colgate Max Night: Pizza Box

“To promote the new Colgate Max Night variant local pizzerias were supplied with special Colgate-branded boxes for their dinner deliveries. The inside of the box was designed to look like the inside of a mouth. The message reminded people to use Colgate max night so their dinner breath does not become their morning breath.” (Advertising Agency: Y&R, Paris, France)

5. Clearasil: Squeeze

“Clearasil is a pharmaceutical gel designed to fight Acne, widely used by teenagers on puberty. Its image is very strong near this target but not so strong among general practitioners.” (Advertising School: Hambre, Leo Burnett Lisbon School)

6. Coca-Cola Cups

(Designer: unknown)

7. Cole & Weber United: Holiday Log

What better holiday moment than settling in with a bottle of wine and a warm ?re in those cold, long months? We took logs of fresh pine and milled them to hold a wine bottle and a box of customized matches. Inside the log was a cheerful greeting and instructions on how to properly enjoy the gifts. Not only did we create a great shipping container for the wine, but that container was the backdrop for a great holiday experience that could last beyond its opening.” (Advertising Agency: Cole & Weber United, Seattle, USA)

8. Origami Beer

Pre-folded origami beer label. It is a common phenomenon that people, in nervous situations, scratch off the label of their beer bottle. Origami label is about making something constructive out of this situation. If you follow the indications on the label, you can fold it into a flower. (Designer: Clara Lindsten)

9. Green Berry Tea

(Designer: Natalia Ponomareva)

10. Parmesan Pencils

“Take the Parmesan Pencil, sharpen it using the enclosed sharpener, and you have delicious, fresh Parmesan cheese on your meal. There couldn’t be an easier way to decorate your pasta & co. And the packaging also plays a central role: Using a scale on the pens and on the back of the packaging, it’s not only easy to tell how much grated Parmesan Pencil you need for each dish, you can even see how many calories each serving contains. So kitchen craftsmen have everything perfectly under control.” [1] (Advertising Agency : Kolle Rebbe / KOREFE, Hamburg, Germany)

11. Kohberg, “Support the Breasts” Bread Packaging

“Kohberg, the largest manufacturer of bread in Denmark, is the proud sponsor of The Danish Cancer Society in their big annual event to fight breast cancer.The event is called ‘Support the breasts’ and Kohberg donates part of the revenue generated from sales of rye bread buns (Rugbrødsboller). The brief from Kohberg was to come up with a packaging idea to increase awareness and sales.” [2] (Advertising Agency: envision)

12. Waterproof Watches Sold in Bags of Water

“We believe in what we can see: the maximum transparency of the packaging design shows the absolute confidence we have in our product. That’s why we submit the Festina Profunda to quality control directly at the point of sale: the watch is presented in a transparent bag filled with distilled water. In subjecting it to this visible test of endurance we can convince the customers of the watch’s outstanding quality.” [3] (Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends)

13. Vonnegut Dollhouse: CD Packaging

“Vonnegut Dollhouse is one of the newest forces in Vancouver’s independent music scene.” (Advertising Agency: Rethink, Canada)

14. St.Stephen Hair Accessories

“In today’s haircare accessories market the level of competition is high. For a brand to standout from the crowd, it needs to be unique and able to differentiate itself from the competition. St. Stephen is a brand new hair accessories line carrying products such as bobby pins, elastics, hair pins and head wraps. The most popular products are bobby pins and elastics. The principal of this collection set is to use packaging design and simple arrangement to appeal to different segments of consumers. Matching the functionality of bobby pins and elastics with design characteristics that resonate with the target market generates a huge impact on the shelf and make a sale more likely.” (Designer: Prompt Design)

15. Fruit-Shaped Jam Bottles

“Fruit-Shaped jam bottle advertising manipulations for La Vieja Fabrica.” [4] (Advertising Agency: tapsa)

16. Kirei Towel

“Towel’s purpose is to clean. To expand its strength, the towel is packaged in a pencil, acting as the “eraser” as part of the pencil. They can be sold as individuals or as a pack of colourful pencil crayons! Let’s erase the blemishes on your face!” (Designer Hannah Jor)

17. Mount Fuji Tissue Holder

(Designer: Tomohiro Ikegaya)

18. Fazer Vilpuri

(Designer: Hasan and Partners)

19. Moustache Paintbrush Packaging

“This humoristic packaging offers the function of assembling two products (two paintbrushes) together with only one cardboard printed on both sides.” (Designer: Simon Laliberté)

20. “City Harvest” – Empty Stomach Bag

“The benefit of City Harvest is demonstrated as the empty stomach bags are filled with food. The bags are supplied to supermarkets, grocery stores, etc.” (Designer: Andy Winner and One Show Merit)

Creative Product Packaging Designs (PART II)

20 More Creative Product Packaging Examples originally appeared on Bored Panda on September 18, 2012.

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21 More Creative Product Packaging Examples

August 31st, 2011 by Bored Panda | No Comments | Filed in Design

Continuing our series on Creative Product Packaging (see part I here), we’ve handpicked another wonderful collection of unique and clever packages.

As we’ve already talked before, we are not as smart as we tell ourselves we are. 98% of us would definitely grab the shiniest product on a supermarket shelf, but not the one with the best characteristics, wouldn’t you?

So, from a marketing standpoint it is much more expensive to have a good product in a lame package (and not sell it) than spend money on a good industrial designer. The same applies to web design, because looks matter more than most of us think.

So once again, let’s learn from the best packaging design examples bellow.

1. Creative Japanese Pastry Packaging

Creative product packaging idea from Japan. According to one Internet commenter “the packaging says “Black melon bread.” More like a pastry snack out of a vending machine than just a cookie.” (link)

2. Note

Choosing plastic wrap for non-perishable is often a choice that is unjustifiable for the real needs of the product. To address this problem, Corinne Pant looked at the real needs of electronic parts packaging. In a poetic and very functional gesture, it shows us once again that “less is more”. (Designer: Corinne Pant)

3. Honey Packaging for Klein Constantia Farm

The small white box resembles a bee have box with embossed ridges to denote planks of wood & nails. The famous Klein Constantia crest is gold foiled on the front of the box below the diecut slit that has one bee on its way into the box inviting you to open the packaging. The box opens to reveal a, bee covered, honey comb pattern as well as small diecut bees packaged inside each box. (Designer: Terence Kitching at At Pace design and Communication)

4. Smirnoff Caipiroska

To launch the new formula of the flavors of Smirnoff Caipiroska, the Brazilian drink that is popular worldwide, design agency JWT created bottles with the texture of the fruit for the flavors lemon, passion fruit and berries and a diagonal perforation, so that consumers could feel the unique experience of peeling a drink made of fruit. (Designer: JWT)

5. NYC Spaghetti

“I created this spaghetti packaging for a university project last year. The brief was to package one of 5 difficult items i.e. eggs, a rose, custard powder, spaghetti or marbles. I chose spaghetti.” (Designer: Alex Creamer)

6. Butter! Better!

“Whenever we eat bread, at the picnic, in the cafe or airplane, we usually use disposable butter. I replaced its ordinary container lid with a wooden, knife shaped one. This way butter can be easily and quickly spread. Butter has 4 flavors which allow the user to make a choice, just as he would chose his favorite ice-cream. This container is not only easy and fast to use but also it makes daily routine of spreading butter more fun and exciting.” (Designer: Yeongkeun)

7. Scanwood

Scanwood is Denmark’s largest manufacturer of wooden kitchen utensils, selling their products in Europe and the Middle East. The company wanted to communicate the fact that their products are made through an environmentally friendly process and are of course also made from all natural materials. (Designer: Goodmorning Technology)

8. Blush Matches

Matches with a striking strip right on the panty. It just feels great to “light your fire”. (Advertising Agency: BBDO Berlin)

9. Porkinson

The flamboyant bowtie design embodies Parkinson’s quintessentially English personality while providing great standout and navigation on shelf. ‘The bowtie leapt out as a strong symbol of English exuberance and class. It also offered a vast array of colour and pattern to enjoy. (Designer: Jones Knowles Ritchie)

10. Quick Fruit

The idea behind Quick Fruit packaging is a fruit sliced in half showing the core of the fruit as the lid of the product. A clean, simple logo with the letter “Q” depicting a cup with a spoon appears on the lid and side. (Designer: Marcel Buerkle)

11. The Tulip

Wine Innovations deleveloped this ingenious concept of a single serving wine glasses called The Tulip. Just like a container of yogurt it has a peal-off foil lid. The wine is sealed using patented technology to maintain wine quality and to give a shelf life of over 1 year. The wine glass are filled with red, white or rose wine and is made from plastic so there are no worries of broken glass. (Designer: unknown)

12. Guggle Bum

Packaging design for a fun and twisted bubble gum brand. Beneath the cutesy exterior lies an unexpected twist: removing the outer box reveals the skeleton of each “bum”. (Designer: jjaaakk design)

13. Gloji Juice

The unusual light bulb shaped bottle is a nice reference to the energy-giving properties of the drink. (link)

14. Medicom Pharma: Target Heavy Food

The aim was to show the affected people that (plant-based) Nobilin has the power to aid digestion. Advertising Agency: BBDO, Germany

15. Saliami Postmodern CD

This is the CD package design of Lithuanian musician SHIDLAS, album named “Saliami Postmodern”. The CD is vacuumed like real salami and the sticker with contents is like it would be from meat shop. (Designer: Mother Eleganza)

16. Heresod T-Shirts

Heresod created a new line of t-shirts that are sold in simple & distinctive packaging that resemble the packaging of food found in gourmet supermarkets. For example, a ‘pork’ t-shirt is sold in the Styrofoam deli packaging used in the butcher’s section of a supermarket. All the t-shirts in the product line are uniquely packaged to make their products more eye-catching and to create a fun & novel shopping experiences for consumers.The unique packaging created instant brand recognition amongst consumers which generated large volumes of word-of-mouth advertising. (Designer: Prompt Design)

17. Break Fast

A kind of taste pack for oatmeal. This package contains the right amount of oatmeal with added sugar and salt. You break your BREAK FAST pack over a bowl, add water and cook in the microwave. Then you can tentatively serve with cold milk. The idea is to target a new audience that otherwise would not eat oatmeal, but also to those who are usually in a hurry in the morning and tend to skip today’s most important meal, breakfast. Break it fast and have a BREAK FAST! (Designer: Niklas Hessman)

18. Gortz 17 Shoelace Box

To boost the sales of a stylish shoe that’s already a cult product, Kempertrautmann agency created new packaging that made the brand even more desirable in terms of look and functionality. (Advertising Agency: Kempertrautmann)

19. Kleenex

A professional designer appreciates something that is attractive, surprising, new, simple and devoid of useless information. The Kleenex “slice of summer” boast all of this at once. This packaging shows great maturity, because the consumer is not bombarded with information that he neither really needs nor wants. (Designer: Hiroko Sanders)

20. tPod Tea Packaging

If you use tea bags, you’ve probably already run into the problem of accidentally drowning the whole thing in your tea. This creative design is here to help you never drown the end part of your tea bag again.(Designer: Elisabeth Soos)

21. Ford Ranger Extreme: Matchbox

New Ranger Extreme with extendable cargo bed. (Advertising Agency: JWT, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Creative Product Packaging Designs (PART I)

21 More Creative Product Packaging Examples originally appeared on Bored Panda on August 31, 2011.

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