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Jumping Spiders Wearing Water Drops as Fancy Hats

July 19th, 2013 by Lina | No Comments | Filed in Design

Even if you have arachnophobia, don’t be too quick to close this page yet! Jumping spiders have got to be the cutest spiders of all. More than that, they were recently photographed wearing tiny water droplets as their hats, and that way completely denying their image of being threatening and scary. Uda Dennie, 33-year-old photographer from Batam Island, Indonesia, photographs these little fellows in his own garden. His almost cartoonish macro photos portray the tiny arachnids among droplets that are almost as big as their heads. Little bits of the surroundings, after being caught by the droplet, take up its round shape and add yet another beautiful touch to Uda’s shots.

The results came as a surprise even for the photographer himself: “I was really surprised to get such amazing pictures – it was really wonderful. I have seen anything like this before, it is such an interesting photograph,” says Uda.

Looking at his great pictures, it may be hard to believe that Uda only started taking photos with a DSLR camera in March 2010. He came across some macro photos on the Internet and realized this was what he would dedicated his time to: “I have a real passion for macro photography and after lots of trial and error I’m now able to produce good images – perseverance really paid off.”

Website: (via: dailymail)

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Jumping Spiders Wearing Water Drops as Fancy Hats originally appeared on Bored Panda on July 19, 2013.

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Liquid Drop Art by Corrie White

November 23rd, 2012 by Justina | No Comments | Filed in Design

Some probably think these fantastical shapes are created by computer, but actually, those are real liquid drops, captured in high speed by Corrie White. Born in the Netherlands and currently based in Canada, Corrie told us that drop photography started off as a mere hobby and soon she went from using primitive tools to pro equipment.

It all started when Corrie discovered mesmerizing Martin Waugh’s art a few years ago. “I got the chance to try this for myself and found I had quite a knack for the liquid art. I started out using a medicine dropper for these and have now advanced to using The Time Machine electronics to produce some amazing liquid forms,” says Corrie.

The best part about liquid drop photography is that you can never fully forecast the result. “Each form is different and the possibilities are endless. There are always new forms to discover,” says Corrie.

If you’re tempted to try this yourself, Corrie’s main advice is to start doing it manually, and only invest into electronics once you get a knack of it. “Start out like I did by using a medicine dropper or a drip line with a regulator valve or something similar. Ideally you would need a true macro lens, a DSLR camera with manual controls, an external flash gun if possible. I started by using my in-camera flash for the first while. You need a drip tray to catch the drops, food dye to colour the drops, etc., etc. Those are the basics.”

Website: | Facebook: Liquid Drop Art

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